Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well I've been tagged to tell all about my husband. It's a good thing because he is usually more exciting than I am.

1. His name: Magnum James Morgan

2. How long have you been married? 8 months and some days

3. How long did you date? um...officially? a month

4. Who eats more sweets? He does, unless I'm having one of those days.

5. Who said 'I love you' first? He did, and right after he said it Grandma squished between us on the couch and i had no time to respond.

6. Who is Taller? hm... this one's close....

7. Who can sing better? Choir quality I have, but as far as singing like johnny cash and the sweet sounds, magnum takes the cake!

8. Who is smarter? Definitely Mags.

9. Who does the laundry? We both do, usually, but sometimes he'll take the initiative on a day off. He's really great that way.

10. Who pays the bills? I do.

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.

12. Who cooks dinner? Usually I do, but Magnum has accomplished some amazing feats in the kitchen with nothing but voicemail instructions to guide him

13. Who drives? He does, I hate to drive, unless I'm alone and I have no choice.

14. Who is more stubborn? This one is hard to answer, (unless you speak to my mother who would say it is me all the way) let's just say we are both stubborn. usually when the other isn't, at least one of us is stubborn all the time.

15. Who kissed who first? Magnum kissed me, and he has the master plan for the first kiss for anyone who may be worried about planting their lips...ask him about it.

16. Who asked who out first? I did. That's right. I took him to a movie and even opened his door.

17. Who proposed? He did, while I was dying of strep throat on my bed.

18. Who wears the pants? we each take a leg and everything works out great!

Love him more than anything!

Michelle, Karen, Julia, Laura, Susan and Katie You have been tagged!


Struthers Family said...

creative. That is so cool. Love ya,

CallihanFam said...

Okay....I did it. that was fun.