Monday, March 10, 2008


We are leaving tomorrow for the greatest place on earth! we've been wishing, and hoping, and thinking and praying that I can get into the internship program this year. (which, bytheway, has me scared out of my wits because I'll be in my own classroom in the fall. ) but, it also means that we won't have a break from school or work until next may. That seemed too long of a drag for us, so we decided to take the break we know we can get now, and pray for the best. So come spring break, we headed to CALIFORNIA! and we are so excited! I have never been to the land of disney before and Magnum has been dreaming about it, and I have been, of course, panicing a little bit, but here we go! wish luck and we'll have more pictures than ANYONE cares to see when we get back! Bon Voyage!



Mark & Julia said...

Goodness gracious, have loads of fun. I have never been to Disney either, so have loads of fun for me too! That's a whole lot of fun coming at you!

CallihanFam said...

Yeah for Disneyland! I LOVE the Indiana Jones ride! I have great memories of Disneyland. I was wanting to go back just the other day. Well, you are already on your way as I am writing this so maybe I will call you in a few days. I love you!