Monday, February 11, 2008

My phone story

So I guess not all have heard the toilet phone story. It goes like this: I was walking to the bathroom at work and stopped to express my distaste for my cell phone to a co-worker. I had a razor and it was just too flat and hard for me to use. I went into the bathroom and my phone, in order to express its own distaste for me, JUMPED out of my pocket and into the watery pool below. No longer will I carry a phone in my pockets or into the bathroom with me. my new phone is lovely however. (And no, I didn't throw my phone into the toiletry abyss so that I could get a new one. It was much more expensive than my liking.)

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Mark & Julia said...

Andrea, thanks for re-living such a tragic event in your life. Oh the horrors of jumping cell phones! When you get a chance, ask Mark about the toilet/calculator story! :)