Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I had many of my dreams come true last week, disneyland was amazing! I love it there! California was nice and warm, I even got a tan! (ok, let's be honest, I fry my skin, then it turns to tan and back to white again.) Here are some pictures, only a few of the 200 or more I put on the computer last night.

This was our first picture with a disney character, they were hard to come by but Pluto didn't mind, nor did he have a line of people waiting to get their picture with him. Pure Luck!

Battle between Magnum and Hopper. I'd have to say that Hopper would probably win, he has a much meaner look than Mags. We had so much fun at the Bug town. We went to the 'Tough to be a Bug' show. defn'tly one of my favorites.

On the top, My reaction to Heimlich's chew chew train, on the bottom my horror on the tower of Terror. I don't know what made me think I would be safe on that ride, but I really, almost died of fright, unlike my husband, who was loving every minute of my blood-curdling screams and squeezing his leg til it was numb.

We managed to sneak a couple pictures of Tigger and Mary Poppins before they ran too far away, and actually, the picture of Mary is taken from 20 yards or so away. thank goodness for digital cropping. She walked right by me, but I wasn't ready, so I got her backside.
The Ducks were everywhere! This one landed on the rock right next to my head.
And the queen of Hearts decided that Magnum was just her size and kissed him on the cheek. we were just hoping that it wasn't a man inside the costume, cause that's a pretty tall woman!
We didn't get any fun pictures of Pirates, but that is the favorite ride at Disneyland. We watched Fantasmic Friday night and it was absolutely incredible! We also got to watch the Parade down main street, but the battery died in the camera. Needless to say the trip was so much fun, although short, we had a blast!

A big Thanks to our friends and family who made this trip possible! Much love and thanks to Tony, Meredith, Morgan and Heather Terranova; Riley, Diana and Blake Bevell; and the Lanier clan! We couldn't have done it without you!


Jon & Laura said...

It looks like you had a blast. Disneyland is so much fun, and you totally deserve to have a great time. Magnum looks like he had too much fun getting you on the tower of terror (which is my favorite ride by the way). Maybe he should work there, he's really just a big kid huh?
Love you tons.

CallihanFam said...

Yeah!!!! I love the pictures, and I love Disneyland! I can imagine exactly what Mags was going through while riding on any roller coaster......Miss you!

Mark & Julia said...

Wow, I never realized how manly the Queen of Hearts was until I saw how tall she was standing next to Magnum. And that chin......hmmmmmm. Looks like you guys had a blast! I am jealous. I have got to take my kids and go to Disneyland. I am glad you had fun!