Sunday, March 23, 2008


so I made it into the internship which means summer school, graduation in December and yes, I will be a teacher in my own classroom in august! I'm teaching at Aspen Elementary in Orem as a second grade teacher! we are very excited and looking to move north so if you know anyone looking for a place to live in downtown provo, send them our way! also, if you hear of any open apts. in north orem/AF/PG area please let us know! We are soo excited! and I am very nervous, but Heavenly father let it happen (despite the interview) so I guess it's meant to be!


Jon & Laura said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew you would get your intership. I would love to be in you class, you will do awesome!
Love ya,

CallihanFam said...

yeah! So will you have a job after dec? You are awesome. I love and miss you!

Mark & Julia said...

Come teach my daughter 2nd grade next year please!

Jon & Laura said...

I went in the coolest store yesterday, you would love it! Myabe you already have been there, and I am the last person on Earth to know about it. It is called Utah-Idaho Map World. It is on state street on the west side of the street as you are headed down the Lindon hill into Pleasant Grove. It has a bazillion supplies for teachers, and a lot of fun educational games and stuff. You have to check it out before you start teaching.
Love ya!

Bethany said...

Congratulations! Hey, Michelle mentioned something about you wanting to ask me some questions? If so, please send me an e-mail . . . bethanyps at gmail dot com. K bye!

Will said...

Congrats. I think that is fantastic and I am so proud of you! You will be a great teacher.