Thursday, February 7, 2008

New phone!

I finally got my new phone! Many of you heard about the toilet tragedy at the end of last year involving my pink razor phone. I now have a new working phone for which I am so grateful. It only took a little over a month to get it here, but it happened! Thanks to daddy for taking care of it for me. Also, who keeps praying for the snow!? I'm cold dang it! And I'm also quite sick of being sick.


Mark & Julia said...

Wait a second--some of us did NOT hear the tragedy of the phone and the toilet and would like to. It is bound to be a classic, I can tell! I think you need to come make a visit to the south (God's country as Mark says) has been between 65-80 degrees the past few days. Heaven!! :)

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

Glad to hear about the new phone, I think I'v experienced the same tragedy with my phone involving a toilet :) Its lots of fun!! I also hear you about the snow..I'm really glad its you and not me! You should make a trip down here where its starting to get warm. Yesterday for example, my windows were down in my car, I wore a short sleeve shirt and it felt great!! No sign of baby just yet but I have about 10 days that things better change. I will let you guys know! Take care

CallihanFam said...

It's about time. And I agree with Julia....come to'll never want to leave. (Okay, her Heaven is a little better than mine but hey, can't beat the beach 10 minutes away)