Friday, April 23, 2010

Window Garden

If you know me then you should be able to guess what the string of pictures is. My love for Mod Podge+ Mormon Tupperware+ some seed packets= My lovely window garden. You can do one too it's not too late!!! I used some old 16 oz Cool whip containers and covered them in mod podge and craft paper for the "pots" that are going to stay in the window all summer, or at least the plants that are staying in the same pot all summer. I used other containers to start my seeds in, sour cream container, the bottom of a milk jug, whatever you have really. these were for my tomatoes and peppers who get to move up to a bigger pot once this snow stops. grrrrrr!my cilantro is doing GREAT! as are my tomatoes, 2 pepper plants and my sunflowers. my parsley and spearmint are being shy, and today we planted some dahlias and african daisies.
I also got 80 onion bulbs for a $1.50 which I will plant outside once it warms up. the weather is still being so wish-washy. It makes for a grumpy toddler too!
so next time your at the store buy a large container of cool whip, (the GV brand is like a dollar) some seeds and some modpodge and have some fun!

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