Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break?

I guess Spring break hasn't officially started, but this is how we have spent the weekend before it anyway.. .. ..
First: fix the washing machine, Mags was such a good helper...Daddy didn't really fix anything, mostly he took parts out and put them back in, but it seems to be working ok now, so maybe that's all it needed. We also discovered the source of the smell that emanates from the washer when it's empty.... I won't even tell you cause I don't want to think about it...
then on Sunday while Mommy and Mags took a nap, Daddy:Made a snow-Man? a Snow finger? you decide but it is almost as tall as him.... YAY Daddy!Yes, he spray painted the face on and yes- There is a carrot nose, a spray-painted one.
and yes, Magnum is the ONLY one left that gets excited about the snow... in MARCH! Happy St. Patty's day!

Also I have finally finished some curtains for Mags' room so that it can be a little darker for naps2 bed sheets cut in half (I only used one half of each) and some stars cut out of my recently retired favorite pair of jeans. (every pair of jeans is my favorite pair) My only problem is that I have to use a spring bar to put these up and every time I touch it, they fall down. Luckily I have a tall man around to put them back up, every single day.

Well I will update ya'll on the rest of our Spring Break adventures in the snowy and cold land of Ephraim.

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Mark & Julia said...

Ok, so you can't tell us about a weird smell and then not elaborate--that's just not fair. And your curtains are adorable and so creative. You're awesome!