Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Spring Break

So we had a fun week for the rest of our spring break. On Wednesday we had a pot luck with some of the international students in our dorm and their friends. It was so much FUN!!!! Mags has some new girlfriends, they love a cute little white baby!

This picture is my favorite one, She actually ate her entire donut with chopsticks. Love it!!

We had dumplings, sushi, krispie kremes, chinese pizza, eggplant, wontons and white ball dessert. Most of it was pretty yummy, I'm not very brave with new foods, but it was good!
Then on Thursday, We drove up to Lehi and watched Alice in Wonderland, which I wasn't expecting to love as much as I did. It was GREAT!Last Saturday we drove up to Ogden and got our new Mini van! well, it's not new, it's a 2002, but it's 10 years younger than our other car and it will take us up a mountain so we can go camping this summer. We're so excited!!! Karen and I also got to help Rachel get ready for her 9th grade night dance which was fun. She looked adorable!
This Saturday we did our first family fun run! The Badgers Against Alcohol and Drugs hosted a 5k and we did it together! Magnum could've finished in half the time but he stuck with me and my slowness the whole time! Mags fell asleep in the stroller, but we both got T-shirts and it was a lot of fun.A few girls from our dorm did it too!
It was a really bumpy ride around ephraim, but he slept through the last 10 minutes!

Ready to Run!!

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