Thursday, December 11, 2008

love, Orem city?

so I'm sitting in my lovely basement, minding my own when everything begins to rumble. and no it wasn't anything explosive coming from my sleeping son, and sad to say I haven't been outside in 2 days (maybe 3...ok so it's REALLY sad) but for whatever reason, Orem city decided they needed to tear up the sidewalk and asphalt on the adjacent driveway to ours. Not that the orange barricades aren't holiday cheer enough, but why go a tear up half of a shared driveway now? I guess it's not really a matter of when, but why do it at all? I guess its not really my business and the jackhammering that shakes my apt isn't waking up Mags, so why do I care? Then again I haven't been outside so it's very possible they have moved from the driveway to my front porch for all I know.


The Busey Family said...

Oh new mothers have the "stay-in-the-house" thing down. It is crazy how life changes. Okay maybe I will be up that way on Saturday afternoon. Would that be a good day for you? I hope you are great and the comment about me making that face at people when I am mad is flipping hilarious. I laughed my head off when I read that. hahahaha! At least I don't flip people off... :)Love you Andrea!

Shawn and Mish said...

Girly, you need a good stroooollllll in the park!! I used to take Grant everywhere, when it wasn't cold and I miss walking with one single stroller and no runaways! I love you