Tuesday, January 8, 2008

way more fun...

so I haven't done really great with the no-sugar act of 2008, so stop putting it in my face!! ;) however, I have made it out of bved everyday this week to do denise austin workout videos in the morning. I know, that's only 2 days, but that's 2 days more than last week. Also, a co-worker and I have decided to sit on exercise balls at work to continue our workout during the day. so far the results are very tired legs, sore abs and sore butt. Trust me though, work is way more fun now that I can bounce while I type. I've also taken to eating veggies and fruits. I don't like veggies very much, I'm slowly learning. I feel like I haven't made goals in vain this year. I will keep all posted to keep ME on my toes.

Magnum has decided to get his jammed hand x-rayed today. All it took was some guy in class that had to have surgeries because of not getting his injury checked out right away, so it caused even more damaged. I think that influenced my stubborn husband enough to go to the doctor. That, or the fact that I made the appointment so he had no choice anymore! :)

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