Saturday, December 22, 2007

I guess Christmas is a time of reflection. so upon the brief fifteen seconds I spent in deep thought, I have returned (safely) back to the dreary world we all live in and I am grateful for many things... a few of which include:

My husband, who is so very good to me and puts up with all my strangeness and family parties ( keep your eyes out for a picture of magnum as rudolf)

Work and school, I am happy to report that we will both be in school again next semester! and all classes were passed and glad to be done! but I am looking forward to completing my program and getting magnum into his.

I am grateful for the christmas season and all the blessings it brings. Families close together and a spirit in the air that can't be ignored by virtually anyone.

I would encourage you all to spread whatever joy you may feel, whether through a secret santa gift, or a better tip at the restaurant, Christmas is a time for giving. I pray that we can take that spirit with us throughout the rest of the year. God Bless! and Merry Christmas!

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Callihan Family said...

hahahahahaha! I want to see Mags as Rudolph!

By the way...are you doing okay?