Monday, January 11, 2010

Project #2, I'm on a roll!!!

I had a ton of random left-over christmas fabric from stockings 2 years ago and I finally had mom help me cut out a small quilt for decor. It's cuter than it looks and there are words around the white border, but I'm happy to announce that this project that was started less than a month ago is now FINISHED!!! woot!

I've already started on the one project I was super excited about and I will post pictures soon because I'm almost done with that one too. Also yesterday and today I've been crocheting dishcloths. I finished 2 already. I can't make those awesome knitted ones that everyone else in my family knows how to make, but I found a pattern for crocheted ones and they turned out pretty cute too. My sister sent me the website and I will now share it with you :

My ongoing project is to lose 20 lbs but it is so flippin' cold here that it's hard to get up and go running before magnum has class at 7:30 am. so I have tried jumping around aerobics at home but it scares my son. I can't imagine why, look at my workout video and tell me what you think.
(Michelle and Kare should appreciate this one)


Shawn and Mish said...

That is hilarious. I haven't watched that in so long.

Mark & Julia said...

I haven't thought about that show in forever. That was a crack-up! Loved the guy doing low-effort. I mean he could have been over there eating a burrito or something for all he put into it. :)