Monday, January 4, 2010


I love a new year! It's like opening a package of a fresh new something that smells good or crinkles with newness. I'm super excited right now for this new year, It's going to be a good one. We rang in our new year with an OK night's sleep and a wedding in Vegas (Congrats Mandi and Tanner) anyway, we're excited to be back in Ephraim after a long trip to a crazy busy city.

I'm getting ready to make some parts of my home a little more organized. I was reading mom's Better Homes magazines yesterday and I am excited to try some new things to make my house more functional. I will be happy to post my progress and show pictures, even if nobody looks at or admires my work but me. my first goal is to finish all my stupid little projects, 100 of which are started and ..... then I am going to start some more!!!

Here's a little preview ofthe first project that I'm really excited to do after i finish all my other stupid projects... I'm sure that NOBODY else has jewelery hung from a tack in their wall.Here's the before picture. Keep an eye out for the after. I'm so EXCITED!!!! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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