Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tiny little tooth

Well we are in Ephraim and loving it! not bored at all!!! Ok, maybe a little but I'll take being slightly bored and having time to read over being crazy busy in UT county ANY day! Mags is growing and figuring out the whole crawling thing. He mostly has the "bounce" before the crawl down pat. Today he was extra grumpy because of a little white tooth that is popping up from his bottom gums. That might also explain my pain every time we nurse! Any way he is cute and he loves to walk around campus in his stroller. Love to all from the beautiful city of Ephraim!

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The Busey Family said...

Oh man...did you have to talk about Ephraim. I miss it there so badly. And I know the pain of nursing with B's two teeth. Ouchy! I hope things are well and that you are enjoying that little one. I would love some pictures sometime! Love and miss ya!