Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Here's the battle, do we go grocery shopping tonight and spend a good 100-200$ on food so we can eat this month, or do we go to Vegas this weekend? On one hand, I've never been to Vegas and it would mean a fun trip and a different temple to visit, on the other hand, I'm really hungry right now. SO I probably shouldn't go shopping on an empty stomach. Nor should I be blogging right now as I have some homework to type up.

.....We're missing a signature on our recommends anyway.

...But we'd be splitting gas cost by carpooling.

.......I can't even gamble yet.

....Our cupboard contains hamburger helper, and in our Freezer: no hamburger.

why is that? now I can't even make a meal from a meal in a box! how lame to produce a product that claims to be a meal in a box, yet the contents of the box are not enough to make the meal. So what if, like us, you have a hamburger helper box with no hamburger. What else could you help? Tuna? Chicken? Pork? No, you can't do that, for they have created the Tuna Helper and The Chicken shake'n'bake stuff to help your poultry. Now you are left with no choice but to eat a so-called 'helper meal' without any help from something such as a main ingredient.

How do you solve the problem of nothing to 'Help?'

2 words:
little caesars

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Callihan Family said...

Why don't you write a column for a newspaper? You brighten my day.